THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION, one of the most popular MST3K movies ever, is coming to a Theater near you along with the mighty men of RiffTrax! There's a monster in Wisconsin, and it's going to slowly, VERY slowly, strike TERROR INTO YOUR HEART! Sure, your grandma could outrun it, but TERROR is more fun! When a fiery meteor lands in the woods, strange things begin to happen in this small Wisconsin town -- even weirder than usual, and that's a pretty high bar! While the townspeople are picked off by spiders of varying sizes, two esteemed scientists ramble around the countryside in a late model sedan, where they find friendship, romance and a big mechanical spider built on a Volkswagen Beetle chassis!

  • 2 hr PG13
  • Aug 15, 2019
  • Special Events

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Cast & Crew



  • ALAN HALE JR.Actor

  • Event DirectorDirector