A texas border town is in the clutches of an evil cattle baron and his band of thugs. When the former is arrested for murder, he vows to the sheriff that his gang will enact revenge. The sheriff is confronted with mustering up any strong men he can get--including his drunken deputy--to fight a fight that the odds won't tip in his favor.

  • 2 hr 21 minNRHDSD
  • Apr 4, 1959
  • Western

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Cast & Crew

  • John WayneActor

  • Ricky NelsonActor

  • Dean MartinActor

  • Angie DickinsonActor

  • Walter BrennanActor

  • Howard HawksDirector

  • Howard HawksProducer

  • Jules FurthmanWriter

  • Leigh BrackettWriter