Risen Rated PG13

Risen https://cdn.amctheatres.com/titles/images/Poster/Standard/3212_risen_2E69.jpg PG13 http://amcentertain.brightcove.com.edgesuite.net/rtmp/1655482053001/201508/157/1655482053001_4427522532001_4427417085001.mp4 PT107M


Follows the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection, as told through the eyes of a non-believer. Clavius, a powerful Roman Military Tribune, and his aide Lucius, are tasked with solving the mystery of what happened to Jesus in the weeks following the crucifixion, in order to disprove the rumors of a risen Messiah and prevent an uprising in Jerusalem.

Running Time
1 hr 47 min
Kevin Reynolds
Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton
Release Date
February 19, 2016

Movie Buzz

  • @wadeEwhite

    The movie “Risen” is just amazing! The story perspective coming from a Roman Tribune who hunts, finds, and then believes is special.

  • @unxpectdblessn

    Is Risen a good movie?

  • @_bigdaddycasia

    Currently watching Risen with my mom. And boy I'll tell you this movie is unexplainable

  • @MitchMan1985

    @millertim Have you seen the movie Risen? If so how does it play from Christian standpoint?

  • @iskramex

    One of the all time great movie posters: 'Dracula Has Risen from the Grave' (Freddie Francis, 1968) | via @colebrax https://t.co/NgdffQ54iW

  • @GamesGann

    I was already going to see the Han Solo movie. Now I know Donald Glover is Lando, Excitement has SHARPLY risen. Rouge One first though.

  • @Icookbeatss

    Y'all need to see 'Risen' dope movie !