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The stage is the long-established Japanese Inn "Fujiya" in Kibune, Kyoto. Kibune in a quiet winter. Mikoto, (played by Riko Fujitani) a waitress who works at Fujiya, is called back to work by the proprietress while standing by the Kibune River behind the annex. However, two minutes later, for some reason, she finds herself once again facing the Kibune River. Not only Mikoto, but also the clerk, waitresses, chefs, and guests all begin to feel something strange. Hot sake that doesn't get hot. Rice porridge that won't go away. A bathroom that you can never leave. They are "looping". Every 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, time rewinds and everyone returns to where they were, though their memories continue. Some want to get out of the loop, others want to stay, yet they all have issues they need to solve. While watching everyone join forces to investigate the cause, Mikoto finds herself more and more alone.

  • 1 hr 26 minNR
  • Jan 10, 2024
  • Science Fiction

Cast & Crew

  • Riko FujitaniActor

  • Manami HonjoActor

  • Munenori NaganoActor

  • Shiori KuboActor

  • Gota IshidaActor

  • Yoshimasa KondoActor

  • Yoshifumi SakaiActor

  • Kohei MorookaActor

  • Masahiro KurokiActor

  • Haruki NakagawaActor