River Of Grass (re) Rated NR

River Of Grass (re) PT0M
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Set in southern Florida -- the swampy and sweltering suburbs of Broward and Dade counties, between Miami and the Everglades -- River of Grass focuses on Cozy (Lisa Bowman), a middle-aged housewife who dreams of something beyond her monotonous existence. Hoping to spice things up, she goes for a night out at a local dive bar and meets brooding bad boy Lee Ray (played by indie legend Larry Fessenden). A night of heavy drinking that leads to a dip in a neighbour's swimming pool takes a turn for the worse when Cozy accidentally fires Lee Ray's gun at the unsuspecting homeowner, forcing the duo to take it on the lam.

Kelly Reichardt
Larry Fessenden, Lisa Bowman
Release Date
March 11, 2016