RoboCop Rated R

RoboCop R PT0M
No Poster Available
Running Time
0 hr 0 min
Paul Verhoeven
Dan O'Herlihy, Nancy Allen, Peter Weller
Release Date
July 17, 1987

Movie Buzz

  • @CM_Hooe

    As of this evening, RoboCop is a movie that I have watched during my life. I don’t know what else I can say for it. It was… unique?

  • @RoboCop_95

    Watching Batman V Superman for the first time and I swear to god if I see Thomas and Martha Wayne die in a movie one more time

  • @robgreeneII

    I used to joke that the movie that best predicted our future was "Robocop." But this election REALLY feels like it's out of that universe.

  • @FunMazaWorld

    [Trailer] Robocop 2013 Trailer #2 Official – 2014 Movie [HD]…

  • @adamprincebilly

    Cannot believe mall cops on segways exist outside of that movie, Robocop

  • @TheAlma_N1

    #robocop @thealma_n1 Have you been to our Award Winning Movie Theme Pub in Islington North…

  • @BriannaLaurenEl

    Robocop Trailer 2013 Official - 2014 Movie Teaser [HD] #praynice