Hot-tempered and fiercely independent, Julia (Julie Ledru) is a gearhead who thrives in hostile environments and turns every situation to her advantage. She has a talent for scamming condescending men who think it?s cute that she shows interest in their used motorbikes?and can?t fathom her riding away with gleeful abandon. Her obsession with the high-octane world of urban `Rodeos? ? illicit gatherings where riders show off their bikes and latest daring stunts ? sparks a chance meeting with a volatile clique. Julia strives to prove herself to the ultra-masculine gang by performing cons and running errands for their incarcerated ring leader, Dom. She finds a surprising connection with Dom?s wife, Ophelie (Antonia Buresi) and son, a risky move that puts a target on her back. Julia is unsure who she can trust as the ultimate heist comes down the pike.

  • 1 hr 45 minNR
  • Mar 17, 2023
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Julie LedruActor

  • Yanis LafkiActor

  • Junior CorreiaActor

  • Louis SottonActor

  • Antonia BuresiActor

  • Cody SchroederActor

  • Lola QuivoronDirector

  • Charles GilibertProducer

  • Romain BlondeauProducer

  • Lola QuivoronWriter