Catherine Breillat?s landmark film Romance placed her as an audacious boundary-pushing female auteur, establishing her as a provocateur who opened the doors to women directors taking charge of their own sexual ideals and imagery. This is the tale of a beautiful woman?s frustration with the lack of intimacy in her relationship, who seeks out sexual adventures in order to spark the interest of her lover, a self-absorbed male model. This new HD version of the critically acclaimed and commercial hit reminds viewers of Breillat?s fierce intensity in confronting sexuality with a raw honesty rarely seen.

  • 1 hr 24 minNR
  • Feb 11, 2022
  • Drama

Cast & Crew

  • Caroline DuceyActor

  • Sagamore SteveninActor

  • Rocco SiffrediActor

  • Catherine BreillatDirector

  • Jean-Francois LepetitProducer

  • Catherine JacquesProducer

  • Catherine BreillatWriter