27 years after Roseanne Barr's groundbreaking sitcom 'Roseanne' became the #1 show on television, Roseanne for President! brings you the story of the Emmy Award-winning actress and trailblazing comedian's 2012 gonzo campaign for president of the United States. Having written and created a sitcom that changed the cultural landscape by revolutionizing what Americans think of family, class, race, gender, and gay rights, Roseanne is uniquely qualified to fix -- well, everything. Through the warped lens of the Barr Campaign, this surreal dark comedy examines the impact Roseanne's work has had on society and who she is as a person. Fearlessly speaking truth to power comes with a price and Roseanne has taken some bumps and bruises along the way. The movie digs deep into Roseanne's past, unearthing a personality that even the filmmakers had no idea they would encounter. What begins as a political journey becomes a raw and revealing portrait of a comedic icon.

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    ERIC WEINRIBDirector

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    ERIC WEINRIBProducer

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    JAMES MOOREProducer

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