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In 'Rugrats Go Wild,' Rugrat Tommy Pickles gets a chance to meet his real life hero Nigel Thornberry when the Rugrats vacation cruise ship crashes onto a deserted island. A heroic Tommy leads the Rugrats safely through the rainforest where the babies encounter lizards, tigers and plant-eating bugs. Along the way, the Rugrats run into and befriend the Thornberrys. This leads to a host of hilarious and sometimes precarious situations, as well as the first words ever spoken by the Rugrats' beloved dog Spike. Luckily, the Rugrats are able to salvage their trip with he help of the Thornberrys, and the vacation turns out to be one of the most memorable in the Rugrat family history.

  • 1 hr 21 minPG
  • Jun 13, 2003
  • Animation

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Cast & Crew

  • Jodi CarlisleActor

  • Nancy CartwrightActor

  • Tim CurryActor

  • Lacey ChabertActor

  • Ll Cool JActor

  • Michael BellActor

  • Bruce WillisActor

  • Danielle HarrisActor

  • FleaActor

  • Jeff McGrathDirector