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In a fantastical 1860s England, every quiet little township is terrorized by a ferocious monster. Each town's unique monster is a source of local pride, except for Stoker-on-Avon, whose monster is a little down in the dumps. Eccentric Dr. Charles Wilkie and plucky street urchin Timothy work together to get him up to snuff, before a greater threat turns the whole town to kindling!

  • PG
  • Aug 30, 2022
  • Animation

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Cast & Crew

  • Ben SchwartzActor

  • Tony DanzaActor

  • Terry CrewsActor

  • Will ArnettActor

  • Geraldine ViswanathanActor

  • Jimmy TatroActor

  • Hamish GrieveDirector

  • Etan CohenWriter

  • Matt LiebermanWriter