Rush Rated R

Rush R PT0M
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December 22, 1991

Movie Buzz

  • @Ivan_Wolfie

    Chris Tucker during rush hour. (Not the movie!) pt. 3 (sorry for the yelling but ... (Vine by @thecolbyskiles)

  • @PleasingBieber

    Rush Hour is the best movie & that includes all the sequels

  • @Bnpositive

    Absolutely love this song. Good movie too. This was my introduction to what I call percussive guitar @KakiKing #...

  • @DadWithAPen

    Got out of work on time to rush home to take Donna to a movie for our movie night of the month and I get a flat....

  • @Ventertained

    Will 'Straight Outta Compton' Kick start A Rap Movie Gold Rush in Hollywood? - Food World News

  • @appleidinesh

    Rush Hour is like the best movie ever.

  • @hermajestynerd

    Premium Rush is like a car chase movie for people who are/aspire to be super healthy bike riders