Lightning already shining in the sky when Delilah declares his love for Samson in one of the most beautiful arias of love of romantic opera, 'My heart opens to your voice as the flowers open to the kisses of dawn '. A haunting beauty but misleading ... When thunder rumbles Finally, Delilah betrayed Samson delivering him to his enemies: 'Go up, this time he told me all his heart,' their she blows into the night (Old Testament book of Judges). Inspired by a violent and erotic biblical subject, Opera Saint-SaAns - which owes its creation in 1877 at the insistence of Liszt - brings fifteen years before being played in Paris at the Palais Garnier. This first Paris performance in 1892 includes the so unique dance 'priestesses of Dagon.' He later became one of the most played French operas in the world with Faust and Carmen. Led by Philippe Jordan, this new production marks the return to the Paris Opera this masterpiece of the directory that is no longer played in a quarter century. Anita Rachvelishvili, majestic in the roles of femme fatales, embodies the venomous priestess in a staging by Damiano Michieletto.

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