Isao Natsuyagi stars as Kiba, a charismatic ronin who wanders into a small town and ends up ensnared in a local conflict that's more than meets the eye. After dispatching a pair of highway criminals seen robbing a courier wagon, Kiba agrees to assist a beautiful blind woman who runs the local shipping company. Double- and triple-crosses ensue, illustrated with savage but economical violence courtesy of famed director Hideo Gosha's (THREE OUTLAW SAMURAI, VIOLENT STREETS) striking black and white filmmaking. The result is a lean and mean triumph of samurai cinema, cementing Gosha's status as a master of the genre.

  • 1 hr 15 minNR
  • Dec 26, 2022
  • Action

Cast & Crew

  • Isao NatsuyagiActor

  • Junko MiyazonoActor

  • Ryohei UchidaActor

  • Hideo GoshaDirector

  • Norimichi MatsudairaProducer

  • Kei TasakaWriter