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A love story set in the maximum city, Mumbai. STK is the story of Saraswati Parthasarthy or Saru... an endearing timid middle class girl brought up with middle class values living in the suburbs of Chembur, where she crosses paths with the blue blooded bad boy from upscale South Mumbai, Inder Parihaar, and their lives get entwined forever. Saru, a book worm, has been brought up in a strict South Indian family where her father, the master of the house dictates the mandates of the household. Her mother, is a typical soft spoken wife while Saru's sister is a stunner who is all set to marry her sweetheart! The only thing standing in between the sister and her dream is her elder sister Saru, who has not managed to get any boy interested in her because of her simple looks and timid nature. Saru works as an assistant manager in a library and has a crush on the suave and handsome manager Abhimanyu. Inder, a brooding angry young man, belonging to an 'old money' family stays in the same building as Saru. He is a man who keeps to himself and nobody knows anything about him apart from the fact he had killed someone at the age of 14 and had spent time in Jail. Irony being he ends up becoming a lawyer. His smoldering good looks attracts women much to the annoyance of Saru's father, who feels Inder is defiling the entire colony, however, Inder couldn't care less. Circumstances throw these unlikely people together and hell breaks loose when Saru's father sees them together in what looks like a compromising situation and being the disciplinarian he is, he declares his daughter dead and throws her out of the house. Thus begins a beautiful story of friendship, love and respect where Inder is willing to go to any lengths to ensure Saru is happy.

  • Drama

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    Radhika RaoDirector

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    Vinay SapruDirector

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    DEEPAK MUKURProducer

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