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Year 1912, a 15 year old boy travels across the oceans to America, leaving behind his enslaved motherland India, to seek higher education at Berkeley University. His dream was to study aeronautical engineering and learn to fly planes. However, destiny had a different plan for him. Learning the true meaning of Freedom in America, he returns home leading many of his countrymen to fight the mighty British Empire and free his country from the cutches of their enslavement.

  • 2 hr 17 minNR
  • Nov 3, 2023
  • Action

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Cast & Crew

  • Mukul DevActor

  • Japtej SinghActor

  • Kavi RazActor

  • Jasbir JassiActor

  • Jaspinder CheemaActor

  • Alex ReeceActor

  • Mahabir BhullarActor

  • Malkeet RauniActor

  • Kavi RazDirector

  • Kavi RazProducer