Straight-laced Joy Miles thinks she's taking a simple road trip to move her free-spirited mother-in-law, Loraine, from Louisville to Savannah. Complete opposites, the two women manage to tolerate each other--barely. Joy is consumed with work, an impending deadline and a high-stakes project. Reluctantly, Loraine, now widowed, is taking the next step in life, moving to a retirement community, no longer a preacher's wife, but a woman on her own. Her insights about life and family tend to get under Joy's skin, especially since Loraine's words make Joy take a hard look at her own whirlwind life, her priorities, and what is really important to her.

  • Comedy

Cast & Crew

  • Pamela Reed

    Pamela ReedActor

  • Shawnee Smith

    Shawnee SmithActor

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    Gary WheelerProducer

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