School Bus Rated NR

School Bus PT0M
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Mischievous kids Akash and Angeline get into a lot of trouble, leading to a strained relationship with their mild-tempered father, Joseph.

Roshan Andrews
Aparna Gopinath, Jayasurya
Release Date
June 16, 2016

Movie Buzz

  • @Elijah_papi03

    The school bus scene from Straight Outta Compton is my favorite part in the whole movie 😂😂

  • @JTheRam

    Are they working on a live action movie of The Magic School Bus? If not they should, it would be amazing for 3D.…

  • @UncleHox

    I need a live action magic school bus movie from Hollywood. That would be so live

  • @ashleyy_moss

    "How cool would The Magic School Bus be if they made a non animated movie out of it?"

  • @thefourthMeyers

    There NEEDS to be a Magic School Bus live action movie. Cameos by @neiltyson & @BillNye make it happen @Scholastic! #magicschoolbus 4 my kid

  • @MattGiaquinto

    Who else would love to see a Magic School Bus live action movie?

  • @skylarburas

    I am truly not excited about this. Not because I didn't like to see how the kids from The Magic School Bus turned...