Sea Of Trees Rated PG13

Sea Of Trees PG13 PT111M


In this powerful story of love and redemption, Matthew McConaughey stars as Arthur Brennan, an American professor who travels to Japan in the midst of a personal crisis. As he wanders through a mysterious forest with a dark past, he experiences flashbacks of his fraught but loving relationship with his wife, Joan (Naomi Watts), and meets an enigmatic stranger, Takumi (Ken Watanabe), who is lost and injured. Arthur devotes himself to saving Takumi and returning him home to safety, and the two embark on a spiritual, life-changing journey of friendship, discovery, and healinga'one which may ultimately re-connect Arthur with his love for his wife.

Running Time
1 hr 51 min
Gus Van Sant
Ken Watanabe, Matthew Mcconaughey, Naomi Watts
Release Date
September 2, 2016