Neil Simon strikes again! This time, America's king of comedy has teamed two of the most popular performers around - Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase - in an old-fashioned romantic farce. Nick Gardenia (Chevy) is a writer who while laboring over a novel in his ocean side retreat, is kidnapped by two crooks who force Nick to rob a bank for them. Deep in trouble, Nick has no one else to turn to for help but his ex-wife Glenda (Goldie). Because Glenda is a sucker for strays (her house is packed with stray dogs), she takes him in. The problem is keeping him out of sight of her uptight district attorney husband (Charles Grodin). But Nick keeps popping up in unexpected places. This is one of Neil Simon's funniest!

  • 1 hr 42 minPGHDSD
  • Dec 19, 1980
  • Comedy

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