Seven Psychopaths Rated R

Seven Psychopaths R PT108M


Seven Psychopaths follows a struggling screenwriter (Colin Farrell) who inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his oddball friends (Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell) kidnap a gangster's (Woody Harrelson) beloved Shih Tzu.

Running Time
1 hr 48 min
Martin Mcdonagh
Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell
Release Date
October 12, 2012

Movie Buzz

  • @delthayre

    Somebody get Martin McDonagh to make another movie. In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths were neat, but I want more!

  • @cuckfiction

    anyway i just finished seven psychopaths and am reminded of how utterly hilarious every line in the movie is

  • @OgaZoSo

    I liked a @YouTube video Seven Psychopaths - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann

  • @lovemaachine

    there's a movie called "seven psychopaths and a shih-tzu"??