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Punjab is the land of people who are so warm, lively, loving and; when time comes, the greatest warriors as well. This race had been fighting with the invaders for centuries and these centuries-long wars have made it a martial race. This characteristic has made us proud many a times but there’s also another side of this characteristic, and, that is very tragic. With agriculture controlling the economy of the state, the Punjabi farmer class, known as ‘Jatts’, have had only one thing in their minds when it comes to prosperity - the land. And they can go to any extent for that even to the extent of shedding their own brothers’ blood. That is what our movie is all about. It highlights the various bloodbaths in many family and other feuds. The film ‘Shareek’, with all the emotion, romance, thrill and action; addresses this menace strongly, although in the undercurrent. With our protagonist Jassa and Dara, the antagonist, the story aims at asking our society, “Why, when and how we can stop out race from killing each other Just for a piece of land, which would not belong to us after the last breath deceives us.

  • Pre-show and trailers run for approximately 20 minutes before the movie starts.2 hr 20 minNR

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