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The undersea underworld is shaken up when the son of the Soprano of all sharks gets killed and a young fish named Oscar is found at the scene of the crime. Being the bottom-feeder hustler that he is, Oscar takes advantage of the opportunity to play the hero, only to find that there are serious consequences to posing as the great Sharkslayer.

  • 1 hr 31 minPG
  • Oct 1, 2004
  • Animation

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Cast & Crew

  • Robert de NiroActor

  • Will SmithActor

  • Renee ZellwegerActor

  • Vincent PastoreActor

  • Angelina JolieActor

  • Jack BlackActor

  • Martin ScorseseActor

  • Michael ImperioliActor

  • Mary J. BligeActor

  • Peter FalkActor