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SHREK THE THIRD finds Shrek and Fiona reluctantly reigning over Far, Far Away. But if they can find the heir to the throne and bring him back, they can return to their swamp. While Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots are in search of the heir, Fiona holds off a coup d'etat by Prince Charming.

  • 1 hr 33 minPG
  • May 18, 2007
  • Animation

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Cast & Crew

  • Cameron DiazActor

  • Eddie MurphyActor

  • Mike MyersActor

  • John CleeseActor

  • Maya RudolphActor

  • Regis PhilbinActor

  • Seth RogenActor

  • Amy PoehlerActor

  • Antonio BanderasActor

  • Julie AndrewsActor