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Side Effects is a psychological thriller set in the world of the pharmaceutical industry. A troubled woman (Mara) who is coping with the imminent release of her husband (Tatum) from jail begins to take a new prescription drug with unforeseen consequences.

Running Time
1 hr 46 min
Release Date
February 8, 2013

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  • @RandomBitly

    'Side Effects' Teaser Poster: Steven Soderbergh's Final Theatrical Movie Gets New Look (PHOTO) - You'll never know!

  • @MoviesShareLink

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    Have anyone ever seen the movie side effects?

  • @TheONLYValMac

    I often times wish the pill in the movie Limitless existed (minus the side effects).. Work and school has me zombie-like.

  • @SkipSerpico

    So Side Effects is allegedly Steven Soderbergh's final film. Does it tarnish his legacy? #sideeffects

  • @Jellywhite13

    Side Effects = worst movie ever!! @McGinnisGabby #dumb #poorchanning

  • @WatchMovieOnlen

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