Tom Hanks stars as Sam Baldwin, a depressed widower whose son calls a national radio talk show in hopes of finding a new mother and a new wife for his father. Thousands of single women across the country listen to Sam's sad story, and many respond, including Annie Reed (Meg Ryan), a Baltimore writer who's already engaged to Walter (Bill Pullman). But she can't get Sam's voice out of her mind. As fate would have it, however, the two never can find a way to meet, even as both crisscross the country. The film, directed by Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally), has deliberate similarities to the Cary Grant-Deborah Kerr classic An Affair To Remember and was one of the most popular romantic comedies of the 1990s.

  • 1 hr 45 minPGHDSD
  • Jun 25, 1993
  • Romantic Comedy

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Cast & Crew

  • Tom HanksActor

  • Meg RyanActor

  • Victor GarberActor

  • Barbara GarrickActor

  • Bill PullmanActor

  • Carey LowellActor

  • Gaby HoffmanActor

  • Rita WilsonActor

  • Rob ReinerActor

  • Rosie O'DonnellActor