Smashed Rated R

Smashed R PT85M


Kate and Charlie are a young married couple whose bond is built on a mutual love of music, laughter, and drinkingaespecially the drinking. When Kateas drinking leads her to dangerous places and her job as an elementary school teacher is put into jeopardy, she decides to join AA to get sober. Sobriety isnat as easy as Kate had anticipated. She realizes she must face a difficult past, including a troubled relationship with her mother, a party girl in her own right. To cover up a drinking related incident which takes place in the classroom, Kate fabricates a story to her employer, the school principal, Patricia Barnes, who is overly nurturing and perhaps nosy. This lie soon balloons out of control and Kate is faced with many important choices she must make. Charlie, a music writer, whose care-free demeanor hasnat changed much since college, struggles to be supportive of Kateas new lifestyle. However, he doesnat quite grasp why she thinks she has a problem and loves her very much the way she, drunk and fun. His own juvenile tendencies are threatened by Kateas teetotalling and when the party is taken out of the relationship both Kate and Charlie question if their marriage is built on love or is just boozy diversion from adulthood. Kate find new friendships through AA. One with her support sponsor Jenny and another with vice principal at her school, Dave Davies. Davies who at first comes off as well-meaning, though awkward and a bit nerdy, has a bizarre history of his own that led him to a life of recovery. Even with the support of AA and new friends like Jenny and Mr. Davies, Kate still fells very alone during the delicate and often scary early days of sobriety. Without Charlieas support, their marriage suffers more, and both Kate and Charlie push each other away.

Running Time
1 hr 25 min
Release Date
October 12, 2012

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  • @sseeindoubble

    watching a horror movie, he almost killed the can and he smashed her hand and I lost it

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    Movies at mom and pop movie rentals till blockbuster came and smashed them, we waited all month for the next issue of the source and bought

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    speaking about 8mile lol his girl was so horrible in that movie 😂 that scene when she was in the studio getting smashed had me weak

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    RT @seeyost: @samnicholson11 @MeanStreetsOMA returned to our car after the movie to find a smashed ice cream cone on the hood.

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    RT @life_as_autumnn: current stress level: that time in the movie roll bounce where bow wow smashed all the windows out of his dad's car bc…