One day, while Solange is studying sheep-shaped dust formations in her apartment, the doorbell rings. A deliveryman claims to have a package for her. Solange is formal in her response: That's impossible. The deliveryman insists, and miss understanding ensues. Solange collapses. After asking questions about her social and personal life, a doctor suggests that someone watch over Solange at night. her landlord, who drove her to see the doctor devotes himself to the task. Later, remembering his other obligations, he must recruit a new watchman...A veritable human chain is put into place to prevent Solange from being left alone. This relational therapy seems beneficial.

  • Comedy

Cast & Crew

  • Ina Mihalache

    Ina MihalacheActor

  • Francis Van Litsenborgh

    Francis Van LitsenborghActor

  • Ina Mihalache

    Ina MihalacheDirector

  • Cast Image

    Priscilla BertinProducer

  • Cast Image

    Elisa LarriereProducer

  • Ina Mihalache

    Ina MihalacheWriter

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