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Sound of the Police is a feature documentary co-directed by Stanley Nelson and Valerie Scoon and produced by Firelight Films for ABC News. The film examines the fraught relationship between African Americans and the police, often rife with tension, fear, suspicion and hostility on all sides. What is the source of the hostility? Framed by some of the most recent conflicts between Black Americans and police officers that garnered national media attention, Sound of the Police traces the complex racial history of this country that set the path for policing in Black communities and fuels the ongoing conflict between African American communities and law enforcement. From the origins of the first police forces in the south during slavery, to the mob violence that erupted against African Americans in the north after the great migration, to the more recent high-profile cases forever etched in our collective memory, Sound Of The Police tells the story of this troubled, complex, and volatile relationship and exactly how we got here. It also looks at contemporary efforts to confront and resolve the conflict.

  • 1 hr 30 minNR
  • Aug 11, 2023

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