Source Code Rated PG13

Source Code PG13 PT93M


A sci-fi story centered on a soldier who wakes up in the body of a commuter who witnesses a train explosion.

Running Time
1 hr 33 min
Release Date
April 1, 2011

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    Watch Source Code 2011 Mystery / Sci-Fi Movies Full Movie Free Online

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    Watching "Source Code" good movie so far! Peace

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    Just watched Existenz, a canadian sci-fi of 1999. Underrated, theme is like Source code, Inception. #movie

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    The Source Code movie is so good 😢

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    RT @BoredMicNeale: Working on my script for a movie about a timetraveller who took the source code for Git back to 1972 and left it with De…

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    watch source code sick movie

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    Source Code movie is <3 :D