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Bill 'Spaceman' Lee, a free-spirited veteran lefty playing for the Montreal Expos, arrives at the ballpark on May 8th, 1982 to learn that his best friend and teammate Rodney Scott has been suddenly released. Feeling that Rodney's release was unjustified, he tears his jersey in half and marches into the Manager's office, where he leaves a note informing him that he 'won't stand for this' and will be at a local pool hall if they want to come and get him. Nobody shows up to retrieve him so he goes back to the ballpark ready to pitch but is subsequently given his walking papers the next morning. Newly unemployed, Bill digs in and with the help of one of his buddies writes letters to every other team in baseball asking for another opportunity. Bill receives zero interest in his services and, with his ego and career now in tatters, spirals downwards hard and fast. But when two French Canadians from the Longeuil Senators, a local Men's Senior League team, knock on Bill's door asking him to join their undermanned amateur squad, he reluctantly decides to give it a shot. Discovering a newfound freedom to play baseball, Bill eventually embraces his new team. His acceptance and realization that he can play everywhere else allows him to spend the next thirty plus years barnstorming the world playing the game. In 2012, signed largely as a 'stunt' to a one day contract by a minor league team in Northern California, he wins a nine inning complete game and becomes the oldest pitcher ever to do so. He continues to pitch today and his hat and glove from that historic game are in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.'

Brett Rapkin
Josh Duhamel
Release Date
August 18, 2016

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    Watching an R rated movie on cable is the best

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    My favorite movie ever...EVER

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    I'm more or less fine with 1) Lego Movie 80s spaceman 2) Ben from Parks & Rec after being outed as a huge nerd, and 3) Tommen Lannister

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