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Speechless Rated NR

Speechless NR PT95M

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Running Time
1 hr 35 min
Release Date
April 22, 2013

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  • @Velocikitty

    I am speechless. I thought Comcast was really bad before... The UI for trying to purchase a movie makes any other UI godlike. Holy cow.

  • @AzuraIezura

    RT @ShahrulEXOstans: Speechless about what's happen today.. -Sir Suho -Baekhyun for musical theater -Luhan for chinese movie

  • @LaDixnix

    Im speechless good movie but but what the heck of an ending :/

  • @Brett_McDaniel

    Wow....that movie...speechless at the end.

  • @JustNadia_K

    Words cannot express just how powerful and moving the movie Twelve Years a Slave truly is. #speechless

  • @HaXXaNWaTToO

    Finally the Movie Came To End :') This movie is just Awesome. * left speechless * :*) :') <3 — watching Bewakoofiyaan

  • @Jonas_TheWanted

    RT @rosefizzle_: @Jonas_TheWanted I am speechless omg they were in a movie together okay 😫