Stalingrad Rated R

Stalingrad R PT131M


Stalingrad has become hell and paradise for those who were worthy of awards, but the only reward they managed to get was love. How they won, and how they were not defeated, who they were and who was on the other side of the street, what secret they have taken away with them - the movie will tell this story.

Running Time
2 hr 11 min
Release Date
February 28, 2014

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    "Stalingrad" (2014) is a poorly written movie (C) #DallasCritic <np8532>

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    #horror #movie The Road to Stalingrad by #ebay #auction

  • @EvrentheCosmo

    In wars real men does not really kill women they take them as trophy. As Kapitan Kan in the movie Stalingrad.

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    Movie News Imax Touts Profit for First Russian Release With 'Stalingrad'

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    Imax Touts Profit for First Russian Release With 'Stalingrad': The company is looking to release ... #Movie #News

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    G, Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad (Movie Tie-In), Craig, William,

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    #watchingnow Stalingrad Great and brave movie