Starbuck Rated R

Starbuck R PT108M


Just when David Wosniak (Patrick Huard) decides to finally take control of his life, this eternal 42 year old teenager discovers that he's the biological father 533 children. Suddenly, his life is much more complicated than he anticipated

Running Time
1 hr 48 min
Release Date
March 22, 2013

Movie Buzz

  • @hannah_starbuck

    nick just called me 2 rant about my fav movie that he just saw & 10 mins into it he says "I have to go die with a 30 year old man goodnight"

  • @BrookeP64

    Lunch, Starbuck's and the new Hunger Games movie. I love friend time! 👭☕️💗@jganshorn10 @Megadean5

  • @bill_starbuck

    @WillSmithNews They never list your best film,Wild Wild West! I dont care what anybody says, I LOVE that frickin' movie! seen it 18 times!

  • @FrantasticHood_

    What's the last movie you watched? — Starbuck #frenchclass