Xia Liang, 28 years old, was about to marry her boyfriend, Liang Mao. However, her constant wedding fever annoyed Liang Mao, who was busy with the fund-raising of his company. Finally, he broke with her. Devastated, Xia Liang ate a magic chocolate and suddenly, she is 17 again! Young Xia Liang is carefree, adventurous, and indifferent to Mao Liang, which attracts him to chase after her again! However, unexpectedly, Young Xia Liang run into Yan Yan, a totally different man from Liang Mao, and falls in love with hima

  • Romantic Comedy

Cast & Crew

  • Ni NiActor

  • Wallace HuoActor


  • Su MaActor

  • Mo ZhangDirector

  • YIMOU ZHANGProducer

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