Suicide Squad Rated PG13

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A secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency.

Running Time
2 hr 3 min
David Ayer
Jared Leto, Will Smith
Release Date
August 5, 2016

Movie Buzz

  • @JaredWayne97

    Since everyone is giving their opinion on Suicide Squad... It was an ok to good movie, not what I had hoped it would be, but still ok

  • @_ElleDiablo

    "Suicide Squad is a marvel movie though?"

  • @AlejoEC

    Saw "Suicide Squad" (2016), a benighted nothing and nowhere DC Comics movie about comic-book villains fighting threats, no story. No stars.

  • @DCGuy23

    RT @wondersyd: Everyone saying their feelings for Suicide Squad today? I loved that movie! It pales in comparison only to BvS and MoS, but…

  • @ScreenTweet

    SUICIDE SQUAD - Official 'Harley Quinn' Trailer (2016) DC Superhero Movie HD

  • @AlexxJoyce

    RT @Neil_McNeil: "A twink doing a gender-bent version of Harley Quinn from that awful Suicide Squad movie?"

  • @ProfessorJ229

    Random to my randomness I hate tht movie Suicide Squad... I'm a joker fanatic I remember joker beating tf outta Harley Quinn