Super 8 Rated PG13

Super 8 PG13 PT112M


In 1979, the U.S. Air Force closed a section of Area 51. The materials were to be moved to Ohio but they didn't make it. (temp)

Running Time
1 hr 52 min
Science Fiction
Release Date
June 10, 2011

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  • @MaryHardman1971

    "Super 8" with @BAILEY_LOVES @HardmanLoL @HardmanBrad Great 70's tunes in this movie!

  • @Fancieland

    Super 8 was pretty good. Need to find another good movie to watch 👀

  • @EdDean67

    This appears to be home movies of Jack Hamlin There is quite a bit of the 1980 reunion shot on old super 8 movie...

  • @MariaTMadrigal9

    I completely start liking @Joel_Courtney after watching Super 8!🙈❤️ P.S Super 8 is my all time favorite movie

  • @Angelinaa__v

    watching super 8 , this is a good movie

  • @chavezanacleto1

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  • @EbookManuals

    Elmo 412XL & 614XL Super 8 Movie Camera Manual: This is a scan to pdf file of the original…