Talladega Nights: Ballad Of Ricky Bobby Rated PG13

Talladega Nights: Ballad Of Ricky Bobby https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Posters/049685H1.jpg PG13 https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Trailers/49685_med.mp4 PT108M


The story of NASCAR racing sensation Ricky Bobby, whose 'win at all costs' approach has made him a national hero. He & his loyal racing partner & childhood friend, Cal Naughton, Jr., are a fearless duo that thrill their fans by finishing most races in the top spots - with Ricky Bobby always leading the pack. When a flmaboyant French Formula One driver, Jean Girard, challenges him for the supremecy of NASCAR, Ricky Bobby must face his own demons & fight Girard for the right to be known as racing's top driver.

Running Time
1 hr 48 min
Adam Mckay
Will Ferrell
Release Date
August 4, 2006

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