Tammy Rated R

Tammy https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Posters/162848H1.jpg R https://cdn.amctheatres.com/m/Trailers/162848_med.mp4 PT97M


Tammy (McCarthy) is having a bad day. She's totaled her clunker car, gotten fired from her thankless job at a greasy burger joint, and instead of finding comfort at home, finds her husband getting comfortable with the neighbor in her own house. It's time to take her boom box and book it. The bad news is she's broke and without wheels. The worse news is her grandma, Pearl (Sarandon), is her only option with a car, cash, and an itch to see Niagara Falls. Not exactly the escape Tammy had in mind. But on the road, with grandma riding shot gun, it may be just what Tammy needs.

Running Time
1 hr 37 min
Release Date
July 2, 2014

Movie Buzz

  • @isthatbriaajaay

    Tammy is the funniest movie ever 😂😂

  • @lou_alvaroo

    Tammy 2 and Ron are in the same movie this is weird.

  • @alyssalimon

    Confused as to why everyone hates on the movie Tammy???? I literally cannot stop laughing 😂

  • @TheTamOdom

    Wrapping this day up with Mexican, a movie and some chocolate ice cream with Tammy and… https://t.co/LJ2B10KaJJ

  • @keegzmeyer

    Watching #Tammy at 5:30am... Love this movie!!!! #movies #MelissaMcCarthy #hilarious @ Greendale… https://t.co/0NSlcX6nkk

  • @tammy

    Watched #WetHotAmericanSummer movie to prep, but 1 minute into the @netflix series and it's AMAZING. The cast. Dying.

  • @tammy_dreyer

    Hello Clint, love your movie's !! You are an amazing director. I would love to meet you in person!!