Gosuke is a young, kind-hearted boy, living in the Sengoku Period. Born in the village that specialized in forging steel in a traditional practice known as Tatara, Gosuke is predestined to become the grand master of steel, known as Murage. However, when his villageas master of swordsmanship is slain, Gosuke decides he must be the one to protect his village, and leaves his home behind to become a samurai. Sobei, a visiting merchant, introduces him to Yohei, who invites Gosuke to join the honored Oda Army. Gosuke is so afraid during the first battle, that he loses control and runs away. He leaves behind Senkichi, his new friend, and begins to lose faith in his ability to protect the village that he loves. Gosuke feels the shame and guilt that comes with failing his people, but when he returns to his village, he is greeted warmly and accepted once again. He finds renewed passion to protect his community. Yohei, returns to the village and coaxes Gosuke to arm the village with guns made from Tatara steel. However, Gosukeas childhood friend recognizes Yoheias plot for what it is a' an attempt to take over the village. He tries to warn Gosuke, only to be branded as a traitor by Yohei. Meanwhile, the standoff between Lord Oda, and his subordinate, Hideyoshi, deepens, and Gosuke finds himself in the middle of the conflict. Shinosuke, the leader of Gosukeas village, is shot by Yohei, which triggers Gosuke to stand up to Yohei in battle for the first time. Against all odds, Gosuke beats Yohei by using his Tatara steel sword to slice Yoheias gun in two. Once the dust settles, Gosuke spends the rest of his days as the Murage, forging Tatara steel.

  • Jun 2, 2017
  • Drama

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