What happens when money, power, and globalization become unhinged from morality and justice? What happens when only the top one-percent of a population controls governance of the whole and exploits common opportunity? Why is terrorism a business, hiding itself under the context of religion and politics? THE AMERICAN GANDHI is a movie based on true events. It attempts to answer these questions through its portrayal of Illegal mining in rural India, and has been made to create awareness about the need to expose similar stories within global societies. Mark Martin (James Patrick Stuart), an experienced mining analyst, is one among many of the unemployed Americans looking for work, that is, until his Billionaire friend, Brad Harrison (Jim Storm), brings him in on a business deal that's too good for him to pass up. Next thing he knows, Mark is given the task of managing and upgrading rare earth metal mines in India, which he doesn't expect to be too difficult, considering his many years of experience in the field. Little does he realize that working in India will not be so easy. Rampant police corruption, blatant disregard for the law, and an uncooperative local population force Mark into an ethical dilemma, ultimately making him decide what's more important: accomplishing his goals of success or following his conscience into doing what's right.

  • Oct 4, 2019
  • Action

Cast & Crew


  • JIM STORMActor


  • Mindy RobinsonActor