The Book of Life Rated NR

The Book of Life PT0M
Release Date
March 19, 1999

Movie Buzz

  • @bohemiianbby

    'The Book Of Life' will forever be my fav movie

  • @michellechtv

    Everyone needs to see "The Book of Life" it was such a good movie 👌

  • @abuchanan16

    the book of life is a good movie

  • @the_violetmoon

    The Book of Life is a really cute movie x

  • @BradleyBarbie

    The book of life! ❤️ ah 😍 I life this adorable movie!!!

  • @okusuckjess

    tumblr made me watch the book of life. and i'm not complaining. such a cute movie.

  • @Veevyxoxo

    The book of life by far the cutest movie 😍