The Book Thief Rated PG13

The Book Thief PG13 PT125M


Based on the beloved bestselling book, THE BOOK THIEF is narrated by Death and set in Nazi Germany -- a place and time when, as the narrator notes, he was extremely busy. Under the watchful eye and caustic musings of Death, a young girl named Liesel embarks upon a journey marked by discovery, courage, friendship -- and the power to triumph over the most daunting obstacles.

Running Time
2 hr 5 min
Brian Percival
Emily Watson, Geoffrey Rush
Release Date
November 8, 2013

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    "The Book Thief" (2013) is a conversational movie (C) #AhiMovieReviews <ntyefe>

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    "The Book Thief" (2013) is a ponderous movie (C) #AhiMovieReviews <nty70h>

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    Need to go to sleep but i want to keep reading! 😖 #bookworm #backtowork The Book Thief: Enhanced Movie Tie-in Edition

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    The book thief is the greatest movie ever

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    Ugh the book thief is just such a good movie

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    Just watched the book thief. Read the book earlier in the year & i think they did a good job with the movie #thebookthief

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    Essay q: Can I use imdb as a source about the movie based on the book thief when talking about significance in Pop culture?@HixsonHeadlines