Berlin, 1940s. Eight year-old Bruno returns from playing with his school friends to find his home bustling with preparations: his father, a Nazi officer, has just been promoted and his mother is planning a party. Bruno sees no cause for celebration; his father's new job is outside Berlin and the whole family will be moving to the countryside, forcing him to leave the home and friends he loves. His fears of loneliness are confirmed when the family arrives at their dreary, isolated new house. Bruno finds it difficult to settle into his new life and quickly grows bored. There are no other children to play with and his mother forbids him from exploring behind the house. His older sister Gretel never bothers to talk to him anymore: she is too busy organizing her dolls, or talking to one of her father's men, the handsome, menacing young Lieutenant Kotler. Bruno is intrigued by the existence of an odd sort of farm he can see from his bedroom window, where all the residents seems to be wearing striped Pajamas. When he tries to find out more about the 'farm,' he is told not to concern himself with it and certainly not to go near it. We know what Bruno does not, that the 'farm' is an extermination camp. His mother is also in ignorance - she believes that they are living next to an internment or labour camp; her husband has sworn under oath never to reveal its real purpose as a killing factory designed to implement the 'Final Solution,' the systematic eradication of the Jewish people.

  • 1 hr 35 minPG13HDSD
  • Nov 7, 2008
  • Drama

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Cast & Crew

  • Asa ButterfieldActor

  • Cara HorganActor

  • David ThewlisActor

  • Jack ScanlonActor

  • Amber BeattieActor

  • Vera FarmigaActor

  • Mark HermanDirector

  • David HeymanProducer

  • Mark HermanWriter