The Calling Rated R

The Calling R PT108M


Detective Hazel Micallef hasn't had much to worry about in the sleepy town of Port Dundas until a string of gruesome murders in the surrounding countryside brings her face to face with a serial killer driven by a higher calling.

Running Time
1 hr 48 min
Release Date
August 29, 2014

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  • @beergeekjoey

    lovely bit of (somewhat) controlled violence … - Drinking The Calling @ Infinity Park Monday Night Movie -

  • @LilithMammalla

    "The Calling" (2014) is a poorly written movie (C) #DallasCritic <ntkasr>

  • @dwi_1704

    The Calling Full Movie: via @YouTube

  • @KateWhinesAlot

    Has anyone seen that movie The Calling? Worth a watch?

  • @revchriss

    Max Igan - The Calling (Full Length Movie) via @YouTube

  • @syakirinroyalfo

    They should really make a movie based on endgame:the calling