The Dark Tower Rated NR

The Dark Tower PT0M
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Gunslinger Roland Deshain roams an Old West-like landscape in search of a dark tower, which is rumored to be a magical portal to other worlds. (temp)

Running Time
0 hr 0 min
Nikolaj Arcel, Ron Howard
Release Date
February 17, 2017

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    Imdb movie : The Dark Tower , rating of N/A

  • @moebio

    The Dark Tower, movie / @infrahumano

  • @MyUniverse_101

    I haven't quite processed the fact that The Dark Tower movie is coming out. There are certain things close to my heart I don't delve on.

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    American Gods, The Golden Compass, The Dark Tower...2017 is gonna be a good year for book-to-movie adaptations.…

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    In anticipation of the Dark Tower movie, I have added this to my Christmas list...

  • @zeke1109

    Spoiler if you never read the 7th book of kings dark tower series.