The Expendables Rated R

The Expendables R PT103M


International action icons Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Jet Li team up for the first time ever in THE EXPENDABLES. The film follows a group of mercenaries on a mission to overthrow a corrupt South American dictator. Co-starring Academy Award nominee Mickey Rourke, Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts, Dolph Lundgren, Charisma Carpenter, WWE star 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and ultimate fighting champion Randy Couture.

Running Time
1 hr 43 min
Release Date
August 13, 2010

Movie Buzz

  • @Red_Rescue

    I wonder if Richard Dean Anderson should be put in the Expendables movie series sometime ? #Stargate

  • @MrEbillah

    Why do I feel the Fast and furious movie series is becoming more like the Expendables ? 😕


    RT @TheRingFan: Apparently, Hulk Hogan may be playing a villain in “The Expendables 4″. This is all according to Hogan himself,... http://t…

  • @syugarushh

    awesome movie but not as exciting as the expendables i went cray over that lol

  • @KellanLutzTNews

    The Expendables 3 Full [HD] Movie - YouTube

  • @HanishCool

    Awesome movie — watching The Expendables 3 in Gohana

  • @culturedleftpeg

    RT @STARBURST_MAG: Movie News: Hulk Hogan claims that he's being lined up for the lead villain role in THE EXPENDABLES 4…