The Face Reader Rated NR

The Face Reader NR PT139M


'Human face is the embodiment of nature and its order.' Nae-kyeong is the greatest face reader Joseon has ever known. He can see through people by looking at their faces. He lives with his son Jin-hyeong and his brother-in-law Paeng-heon in the mountains. After alluring courtesan Yeon-hong proposes an offer, he moves to Hanyang to read faces in the courtesan house. Nae-kyeong quickly becomes the 'go-to face reader' in town and even Vice Premier KIM Jong-seo hears about the new face reader. He appoints Nae-kyeong to government's Inspection Board. During his inspection, Nae-kyeong finds out about Prince Su-yang's plan to take the throne of his nephew. He decides to change the destiny of the country by changing what's written on Su-yang's face.

Running Time
2 hr 19 min
Release Date
October 4, 2013

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    Siapa nak tengok movie Korea tapi tak minat pun Korean movie please consider watching The Attorney and The Face Reader 👍