Opera to deliberately romantic seduction, that Dutchman heard the first manner of Wagner, still under the influence of Weber and Bellini but already a master of unparalleled style and sound material before him. The story, taken from the great romantic poet Heine, the legend up to that level where dreams and reality seem ahead invented. For is it not the dream of Senta, pure and romantic young girl, which raises the appearance of the Dutchman? Great love story and wind, this opera will look in an impetuous orchestra drawing the fiery storm choirs and vocal color to give it all its truth. In this original production, located in the large office of a shipping company, the real is very present but little by little, the dream and legend are traced signs, the sea swells to the table vessel s approach or until the unexpected emergence of a native left the unconscious Captain Daland. Above all, this Dutchman found his flesh in great vocal performance of Bryn Terfel in Dutch tormented and disturbing, in that of Anja Kampe, Senta magnetic and irresistible passion, or in the always powerful, Matti Salminen as Daland, all carried by the fiery baton of brilliant young French chef Alain Altinoglu.

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