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Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison and a young Natalie Wood co-star in one of the most romantic ghost stories of all time. Lucy Muir, a beautiful widow, moves with her daughter into a seaside cottage. She soon discovers her new home is haunted by the handsome ghost of a sea captain. When Lucy loses her income, the captain comes up with a solution to her financial woes and, in the process, wins her heart.

  • 1 hr 44 minNR
  • Jun 26, 1947
  • Adventure

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Cast & Crew

  • George SandersActor

  • Gene TierneyActor

  • Rex HarrisonActor

  • Edna BestActor

  • Vanessa BrownActor

  • Joseph L. MankiewiczDirector

  • Fred KohlmarProducer

  • Philip DunneWriter